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4Life Research
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The International Journal of The French Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Published a Biotics study of 4Life Research, the world-leading manufacturer of immune system supplements.

An independent study of 4Life Transfer Factor products Pre/O biotics and 4Life Transfer Factor products evaluating their effectiveness was published in The French Society for Biochemistry and the International Journal of Molecular Biology. 

Basically, The featured study was conducted in collaboration with the Department of Nutrition, Dietetics, and Food Science of Utah State University, United States.

Dr. David Vollmer, Scientific officer of 4Life Research says, “Your understanding of your microbiome is essential for your health and its impact on the immune system is rapidly evolving“.

He also says “The results of this academic study further support knowledge, especially in the vicinity of bioactive peptides and proteins such as the 4Life transfer factors.”

Conclusion On 4Life Research

4 Life has been named one of the best health and immune system supplement suppliers of corporate USA Today.

It gives an unparalleled commitment to state-of-the-art analytical laboratory laboratories, research, science-based nutraceuticals, and quality control overseeing every step of product development.

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