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Bada Business IBC
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Bada Business Private Limited is a company, which helps in making a business small and large and provides extensive knowledge of business strategies and frameworks.

Dr. Vivek Bindra is a founder of Bada Business. Dr. Vivek Bindra is a well-known motivational speaker, YouTuber, and business coach.

Bada Business Private Limited Company Dr. Founded on January 24, 2019, by Vivek Bindra. Its present value is Rs 50,000 crore.

The head office of the Bada Business company is located in Delhi and the franchise of the company is present in many other Indian cities.

This company runs a program called IBC, under which people can join a Bada Business company and earn money from this IBC program.

What is Bada Business IBC?

The full form of IBC is Independent Business Consultant. This IBC program was launched in August 2019 by a Bada Business company. Under this IBC program, anyone can join a Bada business company.

As its full form shows, according to this IBC program, a person who wants to become an employee of a Bada Business Private Limited company can join it as an IBC.

Under this program, IBC can make a profit by selling some of the company’s digital products and earning the commission paid by the company.

How did Bada Business become IBC?

Anyone can become an IBC of Bada Business Private Limited, for this, you have to give some necessary information and a large amount to the company. In return, the company provides some services and support to IBC.

To become an IBC, you can go to the official website of Bada Business and from there you can fill the registration form and the fixed amount to join. But due to the large amount, IBC can give it in 2 ways.

1. One Time Payment

Under this the person has to pay the full amount at once and can become IBC.

You have to pay Rs 59,500 and Rs 10,710 GST at the time of joining. The total amount is Rs. 70,210.

59,500 + 10,710 (18% GST) = 70,210 Rs

2. Credit Structure

Through this method IBC can be made by paying down payment once and the rest amount on EMI.

It will have to pay a down-payment of Rs 24,780 first and then ₹ 8,850 per month for the next 6 months. The total amount will be Rs 77,880.

66,000+ 24,780 (18% GST) = 77,880 Rs

Keep in mind, IBC gets some more service on making One Time Payment and also has Code Reversal service, which has a benefit of Rs. 45,000.

IBC Compensation Plan

Now I will learn about the income plan of Bada Business IBC program.

In the table below you can see what percentage of commission will be given on how many sales.

SalesEarning Commission Rate
0 – 99,999 Rs25%
1,00,000 to 1,99,99928%
2,00,000 to 2,99,99931%
3,00,000 to 3,99,99934%
4,00,000 to 4,99,99937%
over Rs.5,00,00040%

If an IBC sells for Rs. 1 lakh, he gets 28% commission of Rs. 28,000,

Similarly, from the chart given above, you can understand the percentage of commission paid by a Bada Business on the sale of digital products up to the total value.

Bada Business Digital Product List

Now we see which products have to be sold to IBC.

So it has all the digital products, mainly different types of courses.

1. Everything About Entrepreneurship (EAE)

The first product Dr. Vivek Bindra has a training program called Everything About Entrepreneurship.

It costs Rs 36,000 and can be bought for Rs 1,500 per month. Students can get this course for Rs. 18,000, which they can get by paying Rs. 750 per month.

2. Problem Solving Course (PSC)

The second product is PSC, which has courses on business related issues. All these courses can be viewed through Badaa Business App.

3. Lifetime Membership

Inside this product, EAE courses, other courses, 2 EAE events and some other services of big business are given to the consumer forever.

4. IBC

If an IBC makes another person IBC with him, he also gets commission in return.

5. Case Study

Detailed information about this product is not available, but it gives access to view the premium case study of bada business.

6. White Labeling

The name of the final product is White Labeling and according to this you can get the products of the IBC company sold in bulk and get a big commission.

Apart from these, other products and services can also be found near big business.

Badaa Business IBC Program Review

When it comes to reviewing the Bada Business IBC program, there are definitely some big benefits.

First of all, there are so many great leaders and business-men associated with Dr. Vivek Bindra, it is a great thing to see them together on one platform. A lot can be learned in their course through these leaders.

There are many such bada businesses in India that have plans and pay commissions on product sales. But here Dr. Vivek Bindra and his company have confidence. At the same time, big business has grown very fast in the last few years, so it is likely to grow further and new courses will come.

This business plan of Bada business could also come in the form of a Mult-level Marketing plan. But in network marketing, a service-based company is considered a fraud.

At the same time, given the low success rate in network marketing and the negativity in the industry, not having Multi-level Marketing is a better option.

But the biggest problem is related to its course and joining amount. Bada business products are priced in the thousands, and not everyone can afford to sell them.

Of course, being such a great leader coach this product is expensive and there is also the option of down-payment, but most people are unable and reluctant to buy it even if they want to.

Frequently Asked Question

Dr. Vivek Bindra is a former Monk, the Millionaire founder, and CEO of Bada Business Private Limited.

Dr. Vivek Bindra has a net worth of Approx 50,000 Crores, as of 2021.

Dr. Vivek Bindra started his career as Dictionary Sailing Boy and Monk, founder of Bada Business, Asia’s largest business consulting firm founded in 2007 Asia. In 2007, he began his first corporate training career. In 2013, he created Dr. Vivek Bindra, a YouTube channel that is the most subscribed entrepreneurial YouTube channel in the world.


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