Is Medical DATA Stored In Blockchain Technology? by ITI Startup

medical data in blockchain
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Blockchain is the very latest and futuristic technology, which we can use to store any type of information in the most secure network. This is our future because what we see today is that all cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin work with blockchain technology. 

Blockchain is a highly advanced technology that allows us to store our data on the Internet. It works in a Pier to Pier Model, That’s why any third party can not enter and interfere between 2 Users.

Because when we update any kind of information in the blockchain System. It is automatically updated across the network, making it unavoidable, and if someone changes it, the information reaches across the network. If any person wants to change, remove or add something, the full system will be stopped. So, you can understand, How Much blockchain technology is considered highly advanced and secure.

ITI Limited, which manufactures Arm, telecom products and will use local startups to develop and secure medical data using blockchain technology. It has managed 300 patients during this time as shown in the data-proof

These two organizations, National Digital Health Mission and  One Nation One Health Card have taken the initiative to promote this by our Prime Minister Modi, which is the National Digital Health Mission. To develop digital health infrastructure across the country.

India is one of the few countries in the world to store medical data using blockchain technology. 

During a meeting of the Thalamus Irwin and ITI partners, they said that we are able to store all types of medical information on the blockchain system and that it would be a very good resource for those who want to take care of their health.

It is considered to be a very big initiative to be the first public sector organization in India to store medical data in blockchain technology. And, this new system will enhance the healthcare system through Artificial Intelligence, which will be much more beneficial in the future.

Great Initiative of India.

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