Covid-19 Vaccine can be taken from 18 years: Central Government Announced

Covid-19 Vaccine Can Be Taken From 18 Years
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Central Government announces Covid-19 vaccine can be taken from 18 years. Until now, only those over the age of 45 could get the vaccine. But Now, 18 Plus will be vaccinated.

Experts have repeatedly said that the new generation is suffering the most after the Second wave of Corona. Studies show that corona is basically 18 to 45 years people.

But, there is no Vaccine for under 18, mainly for Teenagers.
Delhi Chief Minister Kejriwal has been petitioning the Central for some time to get the vaccine given after 18 years. This time the Central walked on that path.

Not only Kejriwal, but several researchers have reviewed and said that there is a need to introduce the vaccine process of Generation as soon as possible.

However, there has been a shortage of vaccines across the country lately. In some cases, after getting the first dose, many people have to go around to get the second dose. Again, no date is available for the first dose.

When questioned at the Vaccine Center, they said there were not enough vaccines. Note that those over the age of 18, can be vaccinated from May 1.

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