DoTERRA Signs a Partnership With VFL Wolfsburg Women’s Soccer Club

Oil Based Multi-level Marketing Company of USA, doTERRA has announced a multi-year partnership with VFL Wolfsburg Women’s Soccer Club.

 The partnership nominated doTERRA as the team’s official wellness partner. They will use their Deep blue Rub for Muscle Rubbing of Player and Coaches. Basically, doTERRA Deep Blue Rub is used in professional locker rooms worldwide to cool.

VfL Managing Director, Michael Meeske says “Athletes have a strict schedule, so it’s important for our athletes to do their best to maintain their health and well-being, and Dotter products play an important role in our training and recovery.” 

“In addition to amazing products, doTERRA, an oil Producing company has a commitment to empowering every person and community around the world. We are proud to have daughters as our official wellness partners and look forward to what we can achieve together”.

Besides the reliance of the team on Deep Blue Rubber of doTERRA, this deal also includes pitchside signage and social media promotion.

Kirk Joers, President of North America and Global Corporate Relations, said, “doTERRA is honored to support the amazing women of VFL Wolfsburg in both endeavors as athletes and role models for girls everywhere.”

Being a lively contributor to a better society, great VFL players are inspiring examples and great partners in this endeavor.

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