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What is Highrich?

Highrich is a one-type network marketing plan, which is managed by Highrich Online Shop Private Limited.

highrich online business

Basically, Highrich is an e-commerce website that offers an array of quality and genuine products at the lowest price rates from grocery to fashion to electronics and everything in between.

Initially, the company launched in July 2016 but was not registered under MCA. After 3 Years, finally, the company registered under MCA on 22nd October 2019. Kattukaren Sreedharan Sreena and Kolatt Dasan Prathapan are directors of the company whose head office is located in Thrissur, Kerala.

Highrich Company Profile

NameHighrich Online Shop Private Limited
CIN No.U52590KL2019PTC060038
DirectorsKolatt Dasan Prathapan, Kattukaren Sreedharan Sreena
Incorporation Date22/10/2019
Product Grocery, Personal Care, Beverages
Head officeThrissur, Kerala
Website www.highrich.in, www.highrich.net

Highrich Joining

Like Smart Value Joining or Modicare Joining Methods, here you also have to submit certain legal identity Documents such as PAN card, Aadhaar card, and bank account.

There are more than 50 Partners and Brands connected with Highrich.

Highrich Income Plan

There are 3 types of Income Henrich Provides.

  1. First Purchase Income
  2. Self Purchase Income
  3. Repurchase Income

1. First Purchase Income

In this income, you need to make a Team in Pairs. The company gives the 100% commission of the Tota Match BV under this income.

For Example, Suppose Akash is a distributor with a matching of 5000 BV in the downline, then Akash will get Rs.5000 from the company.

By the way, there is a cap or limit under this income. A maximum amount of Rs.5000 per day can be earned under this income. To get more of this income you can put a maximum of 7 IDs of your own in the company.

2. Self Purchase Income

When you are an official Distributor of this Company, you can also buy products with a list of the company’s repurchase products. Basically, the products on this list you are getting in are at a discount of about 3% to 15%  including products of other brands.

In addition,  you can also earn retail profit by selling these products further on MRP, which is called Retail Profit.

3. Repurchase Income

The full form of SI point is the Sales Incentive point. When anyone repurchases some product, they get the SI point of these buying products, which is used to calculate this income. 

Highrich company fixed the SI point of every product.

This income depends on the repurchase made by the downline and it gets up to 18 levels of income downline. When any direct seller repurchases products, they receive a certain percentage of SI points.

Here is the chart of commission percentage of repurchase income.

highrich income plan comission chart
Highrich Commission Chart

Highrich Products Price List 2021

Sl No.Product NameMRP (INR)
1.Siddhi Galanga Tea Bags (Accura)750
2.Siddhi Galanga Stevia Tea ( Accura)750
3.Siddhi Galanga Green Coffee (Accura)750
4.Siddhi Galanga Coffee Bags (Accura)750
5.Siddhi Galanga Fenugreek Coffee ( Accura)750
6.Nelliyampathi Blended Tea750
7.Tea Powder (Cardamom) (500G) 850
8.Green Tea (Pachola)750
9.Moringa leaf Powder Tea (Pa chila)750
10.Blanket Mixed Colour (60 X 90)750
11.Raasna Orange Tea750
12.Raasna Galangal Blended Tea 750
13.Raasna Stevia Dry Leaf Tea 750
14.Raasna Galangal Blended Coffee 750
15.Raasna Malabaari Chukku Kaappi 750
16.Raasna Wayanadan Coffee(Roasted Beans)750
17.Raasna Instant Coorg Coffee (Masala) 750
18.Woollen Weightless Blanket Mixed Colour (60 X 90800
19.Blanket Mixed Colour (Navar)750
20.Double Cot Bed Sheet (High Quality) With 2 Pillow Cover Mixed Colour (S3J Lazima)1050
21.Double cot Bedsheet With 2 Pillow Cover Mixed Colour (MFZ)820
22.Covid-19 Self P protection Kit888
23.Face Mask N95 (9Nos) and 3 Surgical Mask750
24.Face Mask N95 (10 Nos)750
25.Face Mask N95 Headloop (10 NOS) Dweej800
26.Mask(20 Nos)Combo Pack750
27.Face Mask N95 Kids (10 Nos)750
28.Pulse Oximeter2420
29.Pulse Oximeter (Trueview1800
30.Bedsheet Embroidery Mixed Colour 1300
31.Veggie Wash(Fruit & Vegetable Wash)950
32.Easy English Communication Course in Malayalam750
33.Easy English Communication Course in Hindi750
34.Nanotechnology Shirt Material999
35.T-Shirt (J-HART)800
36.Shirt (TRENDZ MANIAC)999
37.Mulberry Juice (NE)874
38.Honey 1KG (AEITHALIS)1130
39.HS Oil Herbal Medicine947
40.Karishma HS Oil785
41.FAIZA Cream1100
42.Choco Spread (CHACKOS)1006
43.Soft -Cotton Sanitary Napkin(Combo Pack)849
44.Sanitary Napkin (2nd Combo Pack)750
45.GARCINIA CAMBOGIA Essence (2 Bottle,70ml*2)750
46.Shirt Piece (ARMAAN)800
47.Sea Buckthorn Juice (NE)875
48.Ladies Bag 855
49.Jeans (A SQUARE)1255

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