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idsa company list
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Indian Direct Selling Association or IDSA is a non-Government Multi-level Marketing Union in Indian Direct Selling Industry. It has a long list of member companies including Amway, Modicare, Tupperware, and many more.

So, In this Post, I will show you the IDSA company list 2021.

So, Let’s Dive into this List…

IDSA Ordinary Member List 2021

Sl No.Company NameCountry
1.Amway IndiaUnited States
2.Altos Enterprises LimitedIndia
3.Blulife Marketing Private LimitedIndia
4.Avon Beauty Products India Private LimitedUnited Kingdom
5.4Life Trading India LimitedUnited States
6.DXN Marketing India Private LimitedAustrilia
7.Global Glaze Trading India Private LimitedIndia
8.Enagic India Kangen Water Private LimitedIndia
9.International Marketing Corporation Private Limited (IMC)India
10.Jeunesse Global India Private LimitedUnited States
11.Herbalife International India Private LimitedUnited States
12.Modicare LimitedIndia
13.Oriflame India Private LimitedSwitzerland
14.PM International India Private LimitedLuxembourg
15.Tupperware India Private LimitedUnited States
16.K-Link Healthcare India Private LimitedIndia
17.Lyconet India Private LimitedIndia
18.Tianjin Tianshi India Private LimitedChina

All About IDSA (Indian Direct Selling Association)

IDSA is a non-Goverment Multi-level Marketing Organization that was formed by 3 Foreign MLM companies like Amway, Avon, and Oriflame. IDSA started in Mumbai in 1996 by this Company. Then The Headoffice of IDSA is shifted to Delhi in 1999.

The first IDSA managing director was Mohan Krishnan from Lotus Learning Company.

The fun fact is that an organization called itself ‘Indian’ is started by 3 foreign Network Marketing companies. Basically, this is a scam of Fake Name Branding.

In addition to IDSA, the main goal of the FDSA (Federation of Direct Selling Associations) and IDSA is to mediate between direct selling organizations and the government, which promotes healthy business practices.

By the way, IDSA maintains some strict Guidelines to get their Membership.

Criteria for IDSA Membership

Any direct selling company that is on the list of legal Companies in India can apply to get IDSA membership through their official website.

Criteria for IDSA Membership
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By the way, Indian Direct Selling Association associate members are required to pay an annual membership fee which varies according to the turnover of the company. 

Turnover Slabs in Crore (INR)Applicable Fees (INR)

Frequently Asked Question

1. How many companies are under IDSA?

1. Amway India
2. Altos Enterprises Limited
3. Blulife Marketing Private Limited
4. Avon Beauty Products India Private Limited
5. 4Life Trading India Limited
6. DXN Marketing India Private Limited
7. Global Glaze Trading India Private Limited
8. Enagic India Kangen Water Private Limited
9. International Marketing Corporation Private Limited (IMC)
10. Jeunesse Global India Private Limited
11. Herbalife International India Private Limited
12. Modicare Limited
13. Oriflame India Private Limited
14. PM International India Private Limited
15. Tupperware India Private Limited
16. K-Link Healthcare India Private Limited
17. Lyconet India Private Limited
18. Tianjin Tianshi India Private Limited


So, I hope this post is helpful for you to know about the member of the IDSA Membership Company List. You have been known some basic information about IDSA.

Now, I’d like to know from you:

Does your company list in IDSA Company List?

Which is your Company?

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