OnPassive Review: Is OnPassive a Scam? (2021)

Maybe, You are looking for an Opportunity to Make Money From Home. Suddenly, found a Name Onpassive GoFounders on the internet and Social Media. And when you were digging into this, you found a Term, Is OnPassive a Scam?

Not Probably, Surely, You are a wonder.

 In Onpassive a Scam? No, Onpassive Legal USA Government Registered Company and pay the member perfectly.

But, If you are a Student, It does not mean that it is the legit way to make money from home quickly and leave your education career?

Is OnPassive a Scam

In this post, I am gonna show to you the in-depth review of OnPassive. Further, according to mine, will clear your Bullshit Question, Is Onpassive a Scam?

So, Let’s Get started…

What is OnPassive?

OnPassive, also known as GoFounders, is a SAAS Product based multi-level marketing company that claims to revolutionize the Artificial Industry and supply the A-Z IT(Information Technology) Solution.

This will be more profitable for your business because you do not need to work manually and making decisions. It is on Fully AI-Based Automation.

The company is still in its pre-launch phase. However, it has been for some time now, more precisely already, more specifically back since in 2018. 

OnPassive Company Profile

Products TypeArtificial Intelligence-based MLM
FounderAsh Mufareh
HeadqurterUnited States
Email Idsupport@onpassive.com

How does OnPassive Work?

OnPassive works with ads on their own internet marketing platform which is said to be powered by Artificial Intelligence and the whole business process is automated.

In addition, Company has an affiliate program which is a great selling success for any Company, not only for OnPassive. When Someone refers and recruits others, the company pays them.

But, there is a special advantage of the company for advertising. The company does not spend millions of dollars on marketing outside. Their Existing Member is already doing it for them.

Don’t Understand? Wait. Let me explain.

OnPassive Product Package

OnPassive has no products or services.

Well, they say their product is the AI platform that automates business processes. 

Here’s what they said about it …

  • Autopilot Advertising
  • Autopilot Marketing
  • Autopilot Leads
  • Autopilot Sign Up
  • Autopilot Recruiting
  • Autopilot Team Bundling
  • Autopilot Business Opportunity
  • Autopilot Everything

Wonderful. It’s Automates your Business and Generate Massive Income Opportunity.

By the way, They don’t show the exact specific features of their AI platform. Though they are very confident in the promotion.

There’s not even a price indicated, which means there’s something fun going on here.  Probably, they don’t really pay anything and use all of these marketing things to raise money for hiring people. Because all are doing by Member referring.

There are many other MLMs companies that work in the same process.

  • Team National
  • Cowboy Wealth
  • United Success Network
  • Legal Shield
  • 7K Metals
  • Fluorescent Sand
  • Asirvia
  • Fluorescent Sand

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Can you make money with OnPassive?

Yes, You can Make Money from OnPassive. But it is very difficult and Time-Consuming for Newbie.  On the other hand, there are some people who are already making money from Onpassive, but the number is too short.

The fun fact is, People Who are making money, they very good at persuading people aggressively that this company has given great business opportunities and is great platform for earning.

Though, it is no Auspicious.

Also, they do no show any disclosure of income which proves that they actually make money.

OnPassive success rate

If you are sticking only on OnPassive, it is very difficult to Achieve Success.

One of the Research by Jon M Taylor reveals the Success rate is only 0.04%, 99.96% of People fail in Multi-level Marketing or Network Marketing.

This means that if they can sell a certain amount or number of products in a month, they are the only way to stay active.

Failure to do so means they can buy the product themselves. That’s why they lose money before they hire their first member …

How to make money with OnPassive

Most Multi-level Marketing Companies have Mainly 2 Ways of Earning Methods; 

  1. Recruiting 
  2. Product Selling

But, the surprise is,

OnPassive have only One way of Earning. This is Recruiting New Member.

So, It is very clear that there is something weird going in with this company.

How much does it cost to join OnPassive?

By the way, there are no actual details and fee book of what really is for and where the money is used. Also, you have to spend $25 to $500 monthly to here.

OnPassive monthly cost


$25 to $500 x 12

Minimum costs for year 1 = $397 to $6,097

You should recruit enough new members monthly or maintain 25 PV monthly to earn.

And these are the amount which you are going to get in your 1st year…

Keep in mind, there is no other cost include here.

OnPassive compensation plan

OnPassive has a 3×10 matrix business structure. So, that, Member can earn commission directly from their new recruits. It also means that you are on top of a matrix that consists of 3 branches or positions beneath you.

The First Matrix level is made by these 3 positions.

First Split 1 Position into 3 more branches then you will get the Second level. And then, it expands onwards into the next level.

When Recruits pay $25 to $500 to their chosen bundle, OnPassive members will get the commission every time when the matrix is filled only.

Once OnPassive is started, each individual needs to purchase at least a $25  package to start. Then you can upgrade it.

By the way, Are you Confuse after seeing this chart?

Hmm, I know.

But one way for MLMs to entice people to join the company is because they are going to think that they have many ways to make money.

Hiring is the only job in OnPassive to earn money. According to my, It is not a perfect job.

Is OnPassive a scam?

Now, Come to the Vital and Most asked question, Is OnPassive a Scam?

Needless to say, There are many signs and factors that indicate that OnPassive is Scam and Money Circulation Scheme.

The Most eye-catching point is, OnPassive only pay their member when they recruit. And It is the only way to earn money from Onpassive.

Although they pay the members properly. I’m not sure if this will continue in the long run, especially if the organization doesn’t have enough new members.


Is Onpassive real or fake?

OnPassive is not registered in India, until now. So, It is a Fake Company. Most of the employees are new even HR. There are no legal Indian Documents of this company.

Is OnPassive registered in India?

OnPassive, US Based Artificial Intelligent Multi-Level Marketing Company located in Hyderabad, India. But, OnPassive is registered in the Ministry Corporation of Affairs.


I hope, you understand the reality of Onpassive and get an appropriate answer to your question, Is Onpassive a Scam?

OnPassive is still considered a legal entity, and all operations are moderate by the American Government.

They say they have a revolutionary AI-powered technology in-store that can help businesses. 

The only way you can make money from Onpassive is through hiring and nothing more!

And not just general recruitment because you need to recruit fresher and show people their business opportunities of this company.

This is not an ethical business model for me because you are selling the dream of financial prosperity and financial independence to other members if you already know, they can not work with long term.

Now, I’d like to know from you:

Until Now, Do you Want to Join OnPassive?

Or, Find another way to earn money from home?

Let Me know in the comment Right Now.

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