Life Activated Brands Review: Legit or MLM Scam? (2022)

Life Activated Brands

Today’s article, I’m gonna show you the complete information about the company Profile of Life Activated Brands and its Compensation Plan.

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About Life Activated Brands

Life Activated Brands, Corporation is an MLM Company that sells Detox Tea, Nutritional Products, Weight Loss Products, and CBD oil.

The company was started and incorporated in 2018 in Florida, United States. Brandon Hayes is the CEO and President of Life Activated Brands Company. Jessica Hayes and Kimberly Coleman are the co-founder and Executives of Life Activated Brands.

Life-activated brands also say that their focus is on helping people, having fun, and making money. Their official website is which gets most of the traffic from the United States.

The company further claims that they have a unique single serving delivery system that helps maintain product quality from ultraviolet light.

Life Activated Brands Company Profile

Company NameLife Activated Brands
FoundersJessica Hayes, Brandon Hayes, Kimberly Coleman
Head OfficeInlet Beach, Florida, US
ProductsHealth & Wellness
Email Id[email protected]

How to Join Life Activated Brands

Basically, There are 4 ways to join and work with Life Activated Brand. If you are really, Interested, you can choose any one method.

1. Customer

 As a customer, you can buy any Products of Life Activate Brands at retail price.

2. Independent Business Owner (IBO)

To Become an Independent Business Owner (IBO), individuals have to pay $49 as sign-up fees. Typically, companies have joined combo products which you will get in this fees. By the way, this membership is valid for up to 12 months, and you need to pay again after 12 months. IBO may sell products to customers to earn commissions.

3. Affiliates

Just Like IBO, you can become Affiliates of the company, Affiliate can also sell products to customers. The difference between IBOs and affiliates is that they have to sell products to at least one customer in order to be known as an affiliate.

4. Ambassador

When a Distributor meets the requirement of the Ambassador Rank, is called Affiliate Ambassador. One also has to be active with a monthly qualification in order to become an ambassador. Ambassadors of the Life Activated Brands can hire Affiliates, and IBOs under their Downline and also sell Products.

Life Activated Brands Product

Life Activated brands sell a wide range of nutritional supplements, weight loss, and CBD oil Products. Like American MLM companies, Life Activated products are also on the Expensive Side by giving their customers 30 Day Return Policy.

Company Claim that its “LIVology Activate” will increase individual performance and feel energized. Adding “LivCana Energy Capsules” to your diet will increase your day’s energy without feeling crashing.

1. Nutritional Supplement

  • Morvida: Morvida provides Daily Nutrition in their Products. The Retail Price of the products is $89 for a box of thirty single-serving sachets.

2. Weight Loss Product

  • LIVology Cleanse: This product will make you feel less bloated and support your weight management efforts. The Retail Price of the Product is $62 for a 30 capsule bottle.
  • LIVology Detox Tea: It Helps Your Body Get Rid Of Toxins Emitted From Fat Cells In Your Weight Loss Effort. The Retail Price of the Product is $29 For A Pouch Of Ten Servings.
  • LIVology Sleep: LIVology Sleep Reduces the effects of stress and restores control by preparing your body for a restful night’s sleep. The Retail Price of the products is $62 for a bottle of 30 capsules.
  • LIVology Activate: It will Increase your performance throughout the day while supporting weight management efforts, stabilize your mood, and feel energized and focused. The Retail Price of the products is $ 62 for 30 capsule bottles.

3. CBD

  • LivCana CBD Balm: $72 for 1 oz tub (28.3 grams)
  • LiveCana Premium THC Free: $89 for a box of 28 single servings
  • LivCana Full Spectrum: $89 for a box of 28 single servings
  • LivCana Energy Capsules + CBD: $59 for a 30 Capsule Products
  • LivCana Energy Mix + CBD: $50 for a pouch of 14 single-serve sachets.

Life Activated Brands Compensation Plan

These are the following 7 types of Income of  the Life Activated Brand Compensation Plan:

  1. Retail profit
  2. Registration bonus
  3. Sponsor bonus
  4. Team Commission
  5. Rank Advance Bonus
  6. Leadership check match
  7. Leadership pool

1. Retail Profit

When a Distributor of the company gets products at a Discounted Price and Sells them at MRP or Retail Price. The difference between this is called Retail Profit.

2. Enroller Bonus

When Affiliates recruit and enroll new IBOs or Customers under them and from their First and next orders, Main Affiliates will receive 25% CV and 15% CV, which is called an Enroller Bonus.

3. Sponsor Bonus

The Sponsor Bonus pays an additional 15% to the Upline when their new Joined Member orders for the First time(the affiliated employer qualifies for the Enroller Bonus).

4. Team Commission

Life-activated  Brands work in the Binary plan, which is one of the Best Strong Network marketing Plans. When you joined the company as a Distributer you have two strong legs are named Power Leg and Short Leg.

When your downline generates cells, they generate a CV for upline. Eligible IBOs receive a 10% commission on the total CV of Pay Lag as team commission. The remaining CVs of the power leg will be rolled over next month. The highest team commission is $ 200 to $ 60,000 per month depending on the Ambassador Rank.

RanksMonthly Cap (in Dollar)
Ambassador 500$200
Ambassador 1k$400
Ambassador 2k$600
Ambassador 4k$800
Ambassador 6k$1,000
Ambassador 8k$1,200
Ambassador 10k$1,500
Ambassador 12k$1,800
Ambassador 15k$2,000
Ambassador 18k$2,500
Ambassador 20k$3,000
Ambassador 25k$3,500
Ambassador 30k$4,000
Ambassador 35k$4,500
Ambassador 40k$5,000
Ambassador 45k$5,500
Ambassador 50k$6,000
Ambassador 60k$7,000
Ambassador 70k$8,000
Ambassador 80k$9,000
Ambassador 90k$10,000
Legend 100k$20,000
Legend 200k$30,000
Legend 300k$40,000
Legend 400k$50,000
Legend 500k$60,000

5. Rank Advancement Bonus

This bonus is awarded according to the new rank earned. Once you reach the rank of Ambassador 500, you will be eligible for the Rank Advance Bonus. This Bonus Earning depends on the Distributer Ranked.

Here is the Chart of How Much Bonus you will earn at which Rank level.

RankBonus (in Dollar)
Ambassador 500$100
Ambassador 1k$100
Ambassador 2k$100
Ambassador 4k$100
Ambassador 6k$250
Ambassador 8k$250
Ambassador 10k$250
Ambassador 12k$500
Ambassador 15k$500
Ambassador 18k$500
Ambassador 20k$500
Ambassador 25k$750
Ambassador 30k$750
Ambassador 35k$750
Ambassador 40k$750
Ambassador 45k$1,000
Ambassador 50k$1,000
Ambassador 60k$1,000
Ambassador 70k$1,000
Ambassador 80k$1,250
Ambassador 90k$1,500
Legend 100k$1,750
Legend 200k$2,000
Legend 300k$3,000
Legend 400k$4,000
Legend 500k$5,000

6. Leadership Check Match

When an Affiliates Ambassador stands in 6000 or more high rank, they will eligible for Leadership Check. This bonus pays a fixed percentage on Level 1 and Level 2 downline team commissions. 

RanksLevel 1Level 2
Ambassador 6k10%
Ambassador 8k15%
Ambassador 10k20%
Ambassador 12k25%
Ambassador 15k25%10%
Ambassador 18k25%15%
Ambassador 20k25%20%
Ambassador 25k25%25%
Ambassador 30k30%25%
Ambassador 35k35%25%
Ambassador 40k40%25%
Ambassador 45k50%25%
Ambassador 50k50%30%
Ambassador 60k50%35%
Ambassador 70k50%40%
Ambassador 80k50%45%
Ambassador 90k50%50%
Legend 100k50%25%
Legend 200k50%50%
Legend 300k50%50%
Legend 400k50%50%
Legend 500k50%50%

7. Leadership Pool

In Leadership Pool Income, Life Activated Brands company distributes 1% of their total company CV among higher ranked affiliates based on Ambassador 25k and allotted shares. This is calculated and paid monthly basis.

Ambassador 25k2 shares
Ambassador 30k3 shares
Ambassador 35k5 shares
Ambassador 40k to Legend 100k10 shares
Legend 200k20 shares
Legend 300k30 shares
Legend 400k40 shares
Legend 500k50 shares

If someone is in the 30k rank of Ambassador and has 3 shares. Suppose the price of 1 share is $ 50, then $ 150 will be the leadership pool bonus.

Life Activated Brands Ranks

RanksRequired CVPay Leg Volume (CV)Minimum CustomersPersonally Enrolled
Affiliate70 CV1
Affiliate Plus70 CV2
Super Affiliate70 CV21 Affiliate
Ambassador 50070 CV50021 Affiliate
Ambassador 1k70 CV1,00021 Affiliate
Ambassador 2k70 CV2,00021 Affiliate
Ambassador 4k70 CV4,00022 Affiliate
Ambassador 6k70 CV6,00022 Affiliate
Ambassador 8k70 CV8,00022 Affiliate
Ambassador 10k70 CV10,00022 Affiliate
Ambassador 12k70 CV12,00021 Super Affiliate
Ambassador 15k70 CV15,00021 Super Affiliate
Ambassador 18k70 CV18,00021 Super Affiliate
Ambassador 20k70 CV20,00021 Super Affiliate
Ambassador 25k70 CV25,00032 Super Affiliate
Ambassador 30k70 CV30,00032 Super Affiliate
Ambassador 35k70 CV35,00032 Super Affiliate
Ambassador 40k70 CV40,00032 Super Affiliate
Ambassador 45k70 CV45,00033 Super Affiliate
Ambassador 50k70 CV50,00033 Super Affiliate
Ambassador 60k70 CV60,00033 Super Affiliate
Ambassador 70k70 CV70,00033 Super Affiliate
Ambassador 80k70 CV80,00034 Super Affiliate
Ambassador 90k70 CV90,00034 Super Affiliate
Legend 100k70 CV100,00044 Super Affiliate
Legend 200k70 CV200,00044 Super Affiliate
Legend 300k70 CV300,00044 Super Affiliate
Legend 400k70 CV400,00044 Super Affiliate
Legend 500k70 CV500,00044 Super Affiliate

Is Life Activated Brands Scam?

No, Life Activated Brands is Valid Health Wellness Products Based Direct Selling Company that operates in the United States and Canada. It is not a scam.

Is Life Activated Brands a Pyramid Scheme?

No. Life Activated Brands is not a Pyramid Scheme. Company work is in Direct Selling Model. Direct selling is a legal business model and it differs from fraudulent money transfer schemes.

Based on the Sale and Purchase of Downline Products, Company pays the commission to its IBO.


In short, Life Activated Brands MLM Company which is works in Binary Network Marketing Plan, by locating Headquater in the United States that sells Nutritional Products, Weight Management Products, and CBD Oil Products. I hope you find complete information about life Activated Brands and its Compensation plan in this in-depth article.

By the way, Now, You are thinking, Should I join the company?

It is up to you to join the company as an Associate or not, here is everything about the company in this blog post. I am not your advisor. Although there are several things you need to check out before joining a network marketing company.

Now, I’d like to know from you:

Have you ever used any of the products of Life Activated Brands?

Let me know in the comment now.

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