Lockdown 2021: PM Modi Will Announce Very Soon? | Second Wave of Coronavirus

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Covid cases in India are rising again. Is there any Lockdown 2021 that will be happening in India?

But, the shocking truth is, The Vacatination will start slowly. But the 23 Lakh Covid-19 Vaccines wasted in India, according to News 18 India.

Now, Question is, What’s going wrong?

Exactly, 1 year is completed starting Lockdown in India. But, Now, many states of India are seeing the rise of Covid Case Graph.

lockdown 2021 graph
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What do we do to avoid facing Lockdown 2021? not only we but also Central Government, State Goverment.

In this post, what we will learn from the second wave of Europe. And What precautions should be taken in India as well.

So, let’s see the Fundamental…

Did We learn anything from lockdown 2020?

Last year when we people started wearing musk because of covid 19. We thought that at least because of this, Musk wearing habit, People would stop spitting on the road and footpath.

They would stop laughing without covering their Mouth.

But No.

I mean what is the point of musk if we taking off outside?

Did we really learn nothing in the Last Year?

To see the carelessness of People, you have to not go outside.

You can see it on TV.

Some days ago, a Cricket match saw in-person attendance in the stadium, there is no man who follows social distancing, and fewer people are wearing masks.

not wearing mask in stadium
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And, in this situation, in Mumbai, some schools conduct offline exams. Are you ready for the offline exam?

After all, seeing this, it seems like, people have taken this Covid19 pandemic, lightly.  A pandemic that kills over 27 lakh people worldwide.

And, the carelessness results of this in front of us.

The covid cases in India are rising day by day.

lockdown 2021 graph
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So, what can we do?

All people need to take responsibility.

1. Swiss Cheese Model

No, No guys, I, am not talking about actual Cheese that we eat.

This is the health Care model that says, if you look at swiss Cheese, each slice has a hole or gap in it through which things can easily pass.

swiss cheese
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Each slice of cheese here represents an action of ours.

If you take 1 or 2 actions Properly, but neglect the other action. You will not get complete protection from the dangerous coronavirus.

But all these actions taken together will give you a better chance to fight against this Virus.

At the policy, many states in India are relying more on Rapid Test. Rapid Antigen Test fasts, but it has a chance to give high false-negative reports.

avoid rapid test
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These False Negative Reports are measured with “Kit Sensitivity“.

Kit sensitivity for approved testing kits must be transparently declared on the ICMR official website.

Sensitivity means how sensitive the test is to be infection load.

Higher the Number, the less chance of false negatives.

Along with displaying how many states are doing taste and the states should always How many Rapid Antigen tests are done. So, if you want to be your own test, do RT-PCR Test.

Yes, These tests are more expensive but the results are more accurate.

2. Vaccine

Around November, cases are showed huge in the United Kingdom and the UK Government declared the 2nd Lockdown.

A major reason for decreasing the covid case is the Vaccination Programme.

The truth is only less than 10% of people have gotten vaccines.

The Fun fact is, In spite of being the world leader in Vaccine Production, Our extraordinary Population is setting us back.

But, even from the Vaccine that is available for inoculation, 6.5 % or over 23 lakh dosses are getting wasted across the country.

So, What is the main reason for this?

Because are fewer people take vaccines.

Let me explain, 1 Vial of Covisheild has  10 doses of the Vaccine.

And 1 Vial of Covaxine has 2 Doses of the Vaccine.

After 1 Vial is Opened, the Doses must be given in 4 hours, or else the remaining doses have to be disposed of.

In India, Vaccine Hesitancy is a Huge Problem.

The Polio Vaccine is Oral Vaccine. but even then people thought, it will make them impotent.

Our Administration Policy mistakes that we are definitely making now that at the beginning of the vaccine Programme.

We only allowed only old aged people group to be vaccinated.

Because of turnout for vaccination is less than expected that the Vaccine Process is Slow Down.

This wasted needs to be stopped.

Basically, society is to be aware of the Vaccine and the Government needs to take a step to reach out to the people about Vaccine Awareness.

3. Smart People

Where are Politicians should lead by example in this fight and not just talk about Social Distancing, but actually follow it themselves?

Our leader takes out a political rally across India. The faun fact is, when you see the Photo and Videos of the Ralley, I think if our leaders are not taking the real action against Covid-19 like Social Distance, Wearing Mask, Seriously.

Then, Why Should we follow this?

 Even today, we are much behind when it comes to contract tracing. Many places are testing for only name’s sack.

Conclusion on Lockdown 2021

So, if you want to bring some common sense to the people and the authorities for Controlling Lockdown 2021, Kindly share this information with your contact.

Because Vaccine is not a silver bullet, it is a Productive  Step. It creates one additional layer of protection, but there is no care for our carelessness.

So, Do not be Covid-Idoit.

Now, I’d like to know from you:

Which states you are belonging?

Do you and your city is prepared for Lockdown 2021?

Let me know in the comment Right Now.

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