Manmohan Singh Writes To Narendra Modi; Gives 5 Suggestions To Fight Covid-19

Manmohan Singh Writes To Narendra Modi
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Former PM Dr. Manmohan Singh posts a negative letter on Twitter. In this letter, he gave various suggestions to PM Narendra Modi. Singh has said that vaccination needs to be accelerated, as it is important in the fight against corona.

In the words of Manmohan Singh, The vaccination is speedily wide, yes it has been seen. He pays attention to the fact that a very small part of the population in India has so far survived.

The former PM has given 5 suggestions to the current PM, Mr. Narendra Modi

1. How can the government information that the vaccine producers have ordered the dose somewhere since the order is accepted for inky sleeping up to six months. If we have vaccinated the population within a certain period of these 6 months, we order in advance, as the vaccine could not be supplied.

2. The government makes it clear that all vaccines in all states are accountable to Bustier.

3. The notions of Spantline Works of the States may not be valid even for people under the age of 45 who may be the helpers of the two. For example, state teachers, villages, municipal colleges, and central staff and advisers to court people should be declared front-line workers. It is vaccinated as young as 45 years of age.

4. From the last decades, India is the largest Vaccine Manufacturer Country in the world. In the high tension of this fund, the government should take a step to receive assistance from the boys. Which already assisted in increasing the production of vaccine producers, for AIDS cases.

5. As the approval of the gene vaccine has been reddened by the European Medical Agency and the agencies recognized with the USFDA, it can be observed without family trial conditions. What I think is that an Emergency hotel visit also makes her feel at ease. Yes, for a definite period of cooperation, go on bridge travel all over India all over the place. People who are vaccinated should also be informed that they have been approved by reputable agencies abroad.

A day earlier, a meeting of the Congress Working Committee was held. Where Manmohan Singh to discuss the boys’ accident from the Corona epidemic.

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