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Modicare Limited is a product-based Network Marketing company (IDSA Approved) that enters the Direct Selling industry. This organization started in 1973 and become is more growth in India.

In this post, I will share with you the Modicare Limited Business Plan which is the Azadi Plan, and if possible I will share the PDF Download link.

Modicare Business Plan PDF

Then, I have added a Download option to download Modicare Business Plan PDF version.

1. What is Modicare?

Modicare Limited is one of the good Indian Multi-level Marketing companies in the list of 457 Legal Direct selling Company List in India. In addition, it is ranked in the top 10 Network Marketing Companies in India.

Samir Modi leading their family Modi Business and also he is the founder of this company. People say he is the Backbone of Modicare Limited.

Smart Value and Vestige Marketing are other popular Indian MLM companies that are putting up the stiff competition with Modicare Limited.

2. Modicare Company Profile

Company Name:Modicare Limited
Established Date:1996
Founder:Samir Modi
Products:Health Wellness, Skincare, Personal Care, Home Care
Head Office:New Delhi

Modicare Azadi Business Plan

In 1996, Samir Modi started an MLM company called Modicare Limited. The Modicare business plan is similar to the business plans of other MLM companies.

Basically, there are 2 main work in the Company.

  1. Product Selling 
  2. Recruitment

1. Product Sales

Each Modicare Direct seller has to sell the maximum number of Modicare products.

More product sales lead to more retail profits.

Modicare has a number of products, and for each purchase, Modicare Direct Seller receives a fixed PV and a BV that are used to calculate different incomes.

2. Recruitment

Under the appointment, Modicare Direct sellers will have to hire more direct sellers on their downline. Upline sellers also receive a small amount of commission when downline sellers purchase a product.

The hiring process shows the power of network marketing, where passive income starts with a huge active downline and team. Because, Now, it follows the rule of Compounding Interest.

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How to join Modicare?

You can Join Modicare in 2 Ways;

  • with Modicare’s Associate
  • by visiting Modicare Official Branch

If you have a friend who works in Modicare, just contact him to join with his or her Team in Modicare. Or you can visit the Modicare Branch office and say manager for new registration.

Modicare Azadi Business Plan Income

As we know, Everyone joins network marketing for getting Good Incomes from the Company.

Modicare Limited launch this plan, Modicare Azadi Business Plan. Azadi Business Plan PDF explains more about the types of income that the company offer.

There are 10 Ways of Income from Modicare Azadi Business Plan.

1.Savings on Consumptions
2.Retail Profit
3.Accumulative Performance Bonus
4.Director Bonus Pool
5.Team Builder Bonus Pool
6.Atoot Bandhan Bonus Pool
7.Leadership Productivity Bonus Pool
8.Dream Vehicle Bonus Pool
9.Dream Travel Bonus Pool
10.Dream Home Bonus Pool

Modicare Products

Modicare Offer 4 Types of Products:

  • Personal Care
  • Home Care
  • Laundry Care
  • Health Wellness and Nutrition

All products of Modicare are developed by the company’s own skilled technical staff in its own R&D Team. All products are compatible with international standards and developed to Indian taste.

Within some days, I will share the catalog of the Product list of Modicare. There you can see the all list of products with Price and PV by catogory.

Modicare Business Plan PDF Download

You can download the Modicare Business Plan, Azadi Plan PDF, which was launched on Modicare’s Limited official website.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How many products are in modicare?

Modicare has over 100 Products.

What are the products of Modicare?

There are 4 categories of Modicare Products.
1. Personal Care
2. Home Care
3. Laundry Care
4. Health Wellness and Nutrition

Who is the owner of modicare?

Samir Modi.

Is Samir Modi brother of Lalit Modi?

Yes. Lalit Modi was born in Delhi in 1963, into Modicare Business Family. His wife is Bina Modi. He has a Younger Brother Samir Modi and an elder sister Charu Modi Bhartia.

Final Thought

I hope this post was helpful for you on Modicare Business Plan named, Modicare Azadi Plan.

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Why you choose Modicare Limited?

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