Modicare Products Price List 2021 PDF Download With DP, MRP

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In this post, I am gonna show you the Modicare Products Price list 2021 with PV, BV, DP, and MRP.

Modicare Limited is the first well-known Indian direct selling company present in India after the Foreign company, Tupperware, Amway. The Modicare Product Catalogue is large and contains many daily uses Products.

Modicare Products Price List

Modicare has added new products to its products list over the years. The Distributor or Direct Seller always looks for the Latest Modicare Products Price List.

That’s why Here I will try to give you the Latest Modicare Products Price List. Not only Products Price List, but also, you will get a Download option of Modicare Products Price List PDF.

About Modicare Limited

Modicare Limited is an Indian direct selling company that was founded by Samir Modi in 1996. Modicare Limited is growing rapidly and large scale in India from last 20 Years.

This is the time to be proud for every Distributor of Modicare that Dr. Surekha Bhargava is the most popular MLM Leader and Highest MLM Earner of Modicare Limited, and also all over the Direct Selling Industry in India.

This Legal Direct Selling Company, Modicare, is also a member of IDSA. if you don’t know about this MLM Union, I will refer to my existing article, What is IDSA.

Modicare Company Profile

Company NameModicare Limited
LLPIN/CIN No.U72200DL1973PLC110617
FounderSamir Modi
ProductsWellness, Skincare, Color, Home Care, Personal Care, Food and Beverage
Head OfficeCommunity Center, New Friends Colony,
New Delhi, Pin – 110025

Modicare Company Products

Modicare has a wide range of products with the following Feature:

  • All Products of Modicare are natural Friendly.
  • The quality of products is high. All products are made in international Standard.
  • A complete 100% satisfaction is guaranteed on all the products.
  • The price is not too high. Anyone can afford this product.

Here are the categories of Modicare Products:

  • Health & Nutrition
  • Skin Care
  • Urban color
  • Personal Care
  • Home Care
  • Laundry Care
  • Food and Beverage
  • Agriculture
  • Auto Care
  • SM Watch
  • Tech
  • Jewelry

Modicare Products Price List 2021

Here is the latest of all Modicare Products with PV (Point Value), BV (Business Volume), DP (Distributor Price) in Table Format.

Modicare Velocity Product

CodeProduct Name & Pack SizePVBVDPMRP (INR)
PC5009Velocity Men Oil Clear Face Wash 50 g 2.6466110129
PC5005Velocity Men Fairness Cream 50 g 2.973121140
PC5011Velocity Men Smooth Shave Gel 50 g  2.3158105125
PC5010Velocity Men Premium Shaving Cream 70 g 2.2255100115
PC5001Velocity Men After Shave Splash 100 ml 4.11103187215
PC5007Velocity Men Fortifying Shampoo 150 ml  3.6391165193
PC5006Velocity Men Fortifying Hair Conditioner 100 ml 3.3684153176
PC5008Velocity Men Hair Styling Gel 50 g 1.71437890
PC5004Velocity Men Energising Shower Gel 150 ml 4.59115209240
PC5003Velocity Men Deodorising Body Talc 100 g 1.32336072
PC5002Velocity Men Body Spray 125 ml/88g 3.485170199
PC6035Velocity Men Cool Menthol Shampoo 150 ml 3.6391165193
PC5006Velocity Men Fortifying Hair Conditioner 100 ml  3.3684153176

Modicare Essensual Product

CodeProduct Name & Pack SizePVBVDPMRP (INR)
PC0001Essensual Hand & Body Lotion (Allantoin & Vit. E) 200 ml 5.25131219264
PC5243Essensual Hand & Body Lotion (Allantoin & Vit. E) 100ml 3.3684140165
PC0002Essensual Hand & Body Lotion (Glycerine & Honey) 200 ml 5.25131219264
PC5242Essensual Hand & Body Lotion (Glycerine & Honey) 100ml 3.3684140165
PC5244Essensual Soft & Smooth Intensive Foot Care Cream 100ml4.56114190225
PC0003Essensual Instante Tea Tree Oil with Vitamin E 15 ml 3.9198163330
PC0008Essensual Soft & Safe Hand Sanitizer with Vitamin E 60 ml 3.919816388
PC0004Essensual Perfumed Deo Spray – Momentum 150 ml 3.9198163190
PC0006Essensual Perfumed Deo Spray – Ocean Blue 150 ml 3.9198163190
PC0005Essensual Perfumed Deo Spray – Indulge 150 ml 1.764474190
PC0007Essensual Perfumed Deo Spray – Oriental Spice 150 ml 6.6165275190
PC0011Essensual Perfumed Body Talc – Wild Flower 100 g 3.869716172
PC0013Essensual Perfumed Body Talc – Wild Flower 400 g 1.443660193
PC0010Essensual Perfumed Body Talc – Dreams 100 g 3.869716172
PC0012Essensual Perfumed Body Talc – Dreams 400 g 1.443660193
PC9000Essensual Body Puff – Ultra Soft & Gentle pack of 1 1.78457488

Modicare Salon Product

CodeProduct Name & Pack SizePVBVDPMRP (INR)
PC3000Salon Clean & Protect Dandruff Control Shampoo 200 ml 4.8120200240
PC3001Salon Daily Shine Nourishing Shampoo 200 ml 4.39110183219
PC3002Salon Hair Oil with Conditioner 100 ml 1.964998115
PC5247Salon Professional Advance Formula  Hair Fall Defense Shampoo 200 ml 5.6140233280
PC5245Salon Professional Advance Formula Dandruff Care Shampoo 200 ml 5.6140233280
PC5246Salon Professional Advance Formula Smooth & Shine Shampoo 200 ml 5.6140233280
PC5248Salon Professional Advance Formula Radiant Shine Conditioner 200 ml 5.9148246295
PC5272Salon Professional Moroccan Argan Oil Moisture Repair Shampoo9.5238396475
PC5273Salon Professional Moroccan Argan Oil Moisture Repair Shampoo9.5238396475
PC5274Salon Professional Moroccan Argan Oil Hair Treatment Oil14.5362604725
PC5232*Salon Professional Hair Color-Natural Black (1)6.64166415450
PC5233*Salon Professional Hair Color-Dark brown (2)6.64166415450
PC5234*Salon Professional Hair Color-Brown (3)6.64166415450
PC5235*Salon Professional Hair Color-Chocolate (4)6.64166415450
PC5236*Salon Professional Hair Color-Light Brown (5)6.64166415450
PC5237*Salon Professional Hair Color-Dark Blond (6)6.64166415450
PC5280Salon Professional Advance Formula1.964998280

Modicare Sofwash Product

CodeProduct Name & Pack SizePVBVDPMRP (INR)
PC5229Sofwash White Pearl Soap 75gx4 2.768135155
PC4003Sofwash Glycerine & Honey Bar 100g x 2  2.5865129150
PC4005Sofwash 3 IN 1 Hand wash, Shower Gel & Bubble Bath – Green Apple 250 ml 3.4185142162
PC4002Sofwash 3 IN 1 Hand Wash, Shower Gel & Bubble Bath – Citrusy lime 250 ml 3.4185142162
PC4001Sofwash 3 IN 1 Hand Wash, Shower Gel & Bubble Bath – Berry Strawberry3.4185142162
BC0011Sofwash Kids 3 IN 1 Hand Wash Shower Gel & Bubble Bath-Bubble Gum5.73143239275
PC5230Sofwash Glycerine & Honey Bar 100gx2  2.5865129150

Fresh Moment Product

CodeProduct Name & Pack SizePVBVDPMRP (INR)
PC2000Fresh Moments Toothpaste 100 g 1.56396575
PC2001Fresh Moments Toothbrush pack of 3 3.3885169198
PC2002Fresh Moments Toothbrush pack of 4 375150176

Modicare Washmate/Laundry Care Product

CodeProduct Name & Pack SizePVBVDPMRP (INR)
LC3021Washmate Pre Wash Dirt & Stain Remover 250 ml 2.1353152175
LC4004 Washmate PowerClean Detergent Bar 200gx3 1.33 33 95 108
LC0004Washmate Delicate (Liquid Detergent) 250 ml 1.11288092
LC2015Washmate Matic Concentrated Detergent Powder 500 g  1.8246130150
LC0001Washmate Popular Detergent Powder 1 kg 1.8246130150
LC2018Washmate 5 in 1 Liquid Detergent with Powerzyme & Natural Softener (Biosafe Formula) 500 ml 7.82196326375
LC1018Washmate Popular Detergent Powder250143157
AC3005 Auto Wash Advanced – Auto Shampoo with Colour Protectants 1.92 48 96 110
LC2017Washmate Delicate Liquid Detergent for Woolen & Delicate Fabrics (Biosafe Formula)7.3182304350
AC3008Auto Glow Auto Polish – For Car, Appliances 7.8195390450

Food & Beverages Product

CodeProduct Name & Pack SizePVBVDPMRP (INR)
FP0002Fruit of the Earth Power Green Tea 2.8471178205
FP0003Fruit of the Earth C.T.C & Long Leaf Tea 250 g 2.2456140160
FP0006Fruit of the Earth Coconut Oil 500 ml 3.3684210230
FP3006 Soul Flavours Active Rice Bran Oil 3.15 30 50230
FP3008Fruit of the Earth 100% Pure Instant Coffee 50g 2.1654135155
FP3009Fruit of the Earth Instant Blended Coffee 2.1654135155
FP0005Soul Flavours Cardamom Seeds 1.27919755
FP3007Soul Flavours  Penne Rigate (Pasta)2.5864161185
FP0016Soul Flavours Cow Ghee 250500560
FP0010Soul Flavours Pure Honey 4.8120300330
FP0011Soul Flavours Pure Honey with Tulsi5.74144359395
FP0012Soul Flavours Pure Honey with Ginger5.74144359395
FP0013Soul Flavours All Natural Stevia Powder6.76169423465
FP0026Soul Flavours Shahi Mukhwas 2.5664160175
FP0008Soul Flavours Amla Candy Sweet 4100250265
FP0009Soul Flavours Chatpata Amla Candy 500g 4100250265
FP0027Soul Flavours Shahi Pan 75g 3.280200220

Modicare Schloka Product

CodeProduct Name & Pack SizePVBVDPMRP (INR)
SC0019Schloka Purifying Neem & Gotukola Face Wash 60 ml 3.9699165198
SC0002Schloka Moroccan Argan Oil Cleanser 200 ml 8.9223371445
SC0024Schloka Moroccan Argan Oil Scrub 60 ml 4.39110183219
SC0028Schloka Avocado Face Scrub with Oatmeal & Neroli 60 ml 5.74143239280
SC0022Schloka D Tan Face Pack with Tulsi & Clove  3.8997162195
SC0026Schloka Glow Face Pack with Orange Peel and White Clay4.48112187224
SC0009 Schloka Hydra – Nourish Facial Cream with Shea Butter, Almond & Olive Oil 6.33 158 264 317
SC0003Schloka 3 in 1 Cleanser, Toner and Make Up Remover with Green Tea & Chamomile Extract 200 ml 6.48162270315
SC0013Schloka Rejuvenating Day Cream with Almond & Lavender5.3133221265
SC0025Schloka Hydrating Papaya & Hibiscus Moisturiser 5.4135225263
SC0006Schloka Body Butter with Shea Butter & Almond Oil 100 ml 6.4160267320
SC0020Schloka Sun Screen Cream SPF 30 PA+++ with Gotukola & Cucumber5.4135225265
SC0021Schloka Sun Screen Cream SPF 50 PA+++ with Vitamin E & Comfrey 6.5163271325
SC0008Schloka Fairness Cream with Rose & Honey 5.21130217260
SC0004Schloka Anti Ageing Night Cream with Collagen and Vitamin E 5.26131219255
SC0017Schloka Whitening Cream with Lemon and Turmeric 5.4135225270
SC0027Schloka Under Eye Cream with Ashwagandha & Gotukola 20 ml 3.2682136164
SC3021Schloka Purifying Lime Peel & Neem Face Wash – Men3.9699165198
PC5224Fruit of the Earth Moor Mud Facial Bar5.24136271325

Modicare Health Wellness and Nutrition Product

CodeProduct Name & Pack SizePVBVDPMRP (INR)
FS5051Well All Plant Protein Powder 200g 18.72468780936
FS5052Well All Plant Protein Powder 500g 43.78109418242189
HL2007Well Pudina with Tulsi 100 Softgels 7.03176292350
HL2004Well Flax Oil11.66292486568
HL2005Well Garlic Pearls 7.03176292350
HL2003Well Amrit Shakti 7.03176292350
HL1003Well Protein Crest (Velvet Chocolate) 500 g 26.7466811141337
HL1001Well Strong & Smart (Chocolate Flavour) 200 g 11.28282470550
HL2009Well Multivitamin Multimineral 30 Tablets 8.4210350410
HL2006*Well Noni Juice Concentrate 7.44186465500
HL2008Well Spirulina 8.4210350412
HL2002Well D Tox 10.97274457535
HL2001Well Cardio Activ 10.44261435521
HL1006Well Intellecte 19.2480800960
HL1008Well Korean Red Ginseng (6 Years Old)38.7196816131936
HL1002Well Calcium Complex9.48237395466
HL1005Well Glucosamine with Boswellia & Curcumin 29.473512251470
HL2012*Well Amla Juice 1L 4.48112280300
HL2011*Well Aloe Vera Juice 1L 4.48112280300
HL1007Well Protein Nourisher (Till stocks last) 15.79395658770

Baby Care Product

CodeProduct Name & Pack SizePVBVDPMRP (INR)
BC0002Baby Spa Nourishing Soap 75 g 1.3325965
BC0003Baby Spa Milk Cream 50 g 1.8458290
BC0004Baby Spa Moisturising Lotion 200 ml 3.2381147161
BC0005Baby Spa No-Tears Shampoo 200 ml 3.587159175
BC0007Baby Spa Diaper Rash Cream 200 ml 2.7970127140
BC0008Baby Spa Massage Oil 200 ml 3.8997177195
BC0009Baby Spa Talc Powder 200 ml 1.5376875
BC0010Baby Spa 2 in 1 Bubble Bath & Wash 200 ml 4.42111201221

Urban Color Cosmetics

Creme Glam Lipstick

CodeProduct Name & Pack SizePVBVDPMRP (INR)
UC1001Magic Red  9.9248413495
UC1002Garnet  9.9248413495
UC1003Orange Fever 9.9248413495
UC1004Pouty Pink 9.9248413495
UC1005Pink Rose 9.9248413495
UC1006Kiss Me 9.9248413495
UC1007Charming Pink 9.9248413495

Urban Color Perfect Matte Lipstick

UC1501Dreamed 10.56264440495
UC1502Deepwine 10.56264440495
UC1503Dreamy Pink  10.56264440495

Urban Color Color Glass Lip Gloss

UC0001Blossom 9.9248413352
UC0002Vixen Red 9.9248413352
UC0003Fawn 9.9248413352
UC0004Absolute Blush  9.9248413352

Urban Color Lip Definer

UC2501Iconic  4.6116193385
UC2502Classic Red 4.6116193385
UC2503Rose 4.6116193385

Urban Color Nail Lacquer

UC4401Red Rage 4.3107179215
UC4403Parfait Pink 4.3107179215

Urban Color Quick Dry Nail Lacker

UC3501Flirty 4.3107179231
UC3502Cranberry 4.3107179231
UC3504Wild Rose 4.3107179231

Urban Color Ultimate Radiance Compact

UC4201Ivory 15375625750

Modicare Products Price List 2021 PDF Download

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I hope you have got all Modicare Products with their DP, PV, and BV Value in this Latest Modicare Products Price List Blog post. And also, maybe you are able to Download the Modicare Products Price List 2021 PDF from Google Drive.

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