5 Natural Ways To PURIFY Water at Home during COVID-19

Natural Ways To PURIFY Water
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In this post, we are going to show you the Exact Natural ways to Purify Water at home.

In fact, this is an exact process ,We used to purify water at home.

And let me be clear about something:

This is NOT your thin and Average “Water Purification” predictions article.

Yes, We’ll cover the most Natural ways to Purify water at home. 🙂 

But you’re also going to see the new methods that are working great right now.

So if you’re looking to Purify Water at Home during this Pandemic situation, you’ll love this new method. 🙂 

Way #1: Boiling

The most reliable thing to purify water is to boil the water. In India, It is the most common method to purify water at home.

Boiling does not kill all the bacterias. And does not evaporate all the forms of chemical pollution. But, it is still the safest natural way of disinfection.

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5 minutes of rolling boil can kill most organisms. But we recommend you to boil water around 10 Minutes. It is safer.

You can Boil water on a Gas Oven or a campfire in metal, glass, or ceramic.

If no fireproof container is available, then heat rocks for 30 minutes in a fire. Then place the rocks into your water container. Feeling like a Bonefire or Adventurous.

So it’s clear that, if you want to purify water at home, your first EASY method is Boiling.

The water container could be a rock depression, a folded bark container, a bowl burned out of wood, etc. But, Do not use any river rocks or quartz, these may explode when heated.

And now you’re ready for our second method to purify water in natural ways at home.

Way #2: Distillation

After the first method Boiling, Next is Distillation.

Water distillation is one of the safest ways to purify water naturally.

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In India, there are many places where only water available is dangerous water. And there are not many options to Purify water.

[su_box title=”What is Distilation ?” style=”soft” box_color=”#41ac28″]Distillation mostly uses a method for separating mixtures. Basically, it is differences in the conditions to change the phase of the components. At first, you will heat the water and it will automatically make a vapor. Then you will capture the vapor after some time it will make Pure Water.[/su_box]


Basically, Adventurous, Bear Grylls use this method MOSTLY when they are on an island or beach area.

Now, to be clear:

We don’t know the Distillation Process is most commonly used in a home.

But, every method is helpful

…especially when you’re going to purify water at home anyway.

Way #3: Cilantro Leaf

Nature is a mystery.

In this article, we already write the 2 Natural Water Purification Method. But this is AWESOME and MAGICAL.

Many water purifiers use activate Charcoal to do the job.

But, Naturally, Absorbent plants can do this Process. These leaves are easily available and also cheap in price.

Cilantro leaves are very well to remove pollutants. In other words, It can remove toxic metals such as lead.

Kindly Watch this video and Jump to 1.21 to see Actual Process.

[su_youtube_advanced url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AU_iiEIR-Gg” theme=”light”]

Just pass the polluted water through some crushed cilantro leaves. Now, Your drinking water is ready to drink.

In other words, A bunch of cilantro leaves can be used as a replacement of the filter.

And it worked!

Way #4: Solar

The solar system is quite effective. This method takes time.

But this is a completely affordable Natural way to purify water. By using the power of sun dirty water can be evaporated. Evaporated water will be Clean.

However, after reading this Pont, you will have some questions in your Mind.

Can solar energy purify water?

How do you build a solar water filtration system?

Don’t worry. you will get the all solution to it.

Q1: Can solar energy purify water?


[su_youtube_advanced url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CktV2gWowX8″ theme=”light”]

Q2: How do you build a solar water filtration system?

To make your own solar system, you just need two bottles and one pipe.

For Water Purification.

Place the dirty water into one bottle. Let it evaporate into the other bottle. The vapor will be clean. Contaminants get left behind.

NOW, it is is time to take Fresh Water.

Way #5: Clay pots and Gravity

Next, it’s time to use the traditional method that points to Purify water in natural ways at home.

Basically, Gravitation is the main Rule of it.

Gravity filter is also applicable to purify water. To do this require a clay pot that drained out water from the bottom.

The filter layer of activated charcoal, sand, and small gravel remove small particles.

First, Put Charcol and Sand in Clay Pots then drop water. After completing this process, you need to take some time to get fresh water from the down part of Clay Pot.

Drink Fresh & Pure water. And take away from Health Problem also with these Tips.


Bonus Statement

[su_box title=”Why Drink Purified Water ?” style=”soft” box_color=”#41ac28″]Drinking Pure Water is not only solve your thirsty.. but also keep your body in Awesome Working Mode. Pure Water is full of essential minerals like calcium, magnesium, and potassium that your body needs. Daily Problems such as stress, will vanish with the help of Fresh Water.[/su_box]

Conclusion: Natural Ways to Purify Water

In short, We hope today’s post showed you how to purify water in natural ways at home.

Now we want to know from you:

Which of the 5 Water PURIFICATION method from today’s post are you going to try first?

Do you already use any water purifier?

Or maybe you want to try Boiling or Gravity Method.

Bang Off, Let me know in the Comment Section.

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