Research: 0.04% is Network Marketing Success Rate | 99.6% Fail in Network Marketing

Network Marketing Success Rate

In this website, I have shared most of the article on Direct Selling Insutry and about the company which is working in these Method.

According to my memory, I have already published in-depth 50+ articles on MLM, Network Marketing, or Direct Selling Industry this blog. From my first post regarding this industry to today, my sentiments towards Network Marketing or MLM have completely changed.

Many people search “Tips for Success in Network Marketing“, “Top MLM earner“, “Secrets to Success in Network Marketing?“, “Network Marketing Success Tips“, “Network Marketing Success Rate” and many more. 

But, there is a little number of people who know the real success rate of Multi-level marketing.
Surprisingly, The percentage is very very low.

Jon M Taylor’s research that 99.96% of People Fail in Network Marketing, maybe you were shocked after hearing it.

Even, It is a surprise. The success rate of Gambler is far better than any MLM Person. I mean, A gambler has more chance to get more income compared to a Network Marketer.

By the way, Many of you are wondering why I am saying John M. Taylor’s research?

When John was confused did his MLM company payout is so little? He began his own research.

He saw that the situation was the same in all the organizations around him. He was shocked and he continued his research.

He Published this book “The Case (for and) against Multi-level Marketing” after investing in 350 MLM Companies for 15 Years.

FTC promotes Jon M Taylor’s book “The Case (for and) against Multi-level Marketing” on their official website.

Mr. Jon M Taylor openly challenges 60+ heads of the MLM Companies to Prove them Wrong. But, the fun fact is, the challenge is not still solved. Because most of the companies were believed their word and they were never dared to respond in public.

99.96% of people get failed in Network Marketing

John M. Taylor has proven that 99.96% of people in network marketing are losing their money when it comes to buying overpriced products. Every seller of Direct Selling or any Network Marketing Company is force people to buy their products because, these products are high quality, and that is why it is overpriced.

But, the real truth is these Products are not so good as other Corporate Companies Products. For commission management, the product of the MLM Companies is overpriced. Some of the Companies are Tupperware, Amway, Avon, and Many more.

Stay tuned, 0.04% of MLM successful people are at the top of the pyramid. In 0.04% most people joined the company in its early days. So the average person gets very little chance of success.

John compares the success rate of network marketing with other sources of income. And he found this number 0.04%.

Income SourceSuccess Rate
Wage Jobs100%
Legitimate Direct Selling80%
Small Business39%
Illegal Pyramid Schemes10%
Network Marketing/MLM0.4%

Even, needless to say, illegal pyramid schemes surprisingly have better success rates than legal product-based schemes.

The Case (for and) against Multi-level Marketing by jOHN m, tAYLOR

John M. Taylor has qualified in MBA and bringing a Degree and Skill of Ph.D. He wrote this book, The Case (for and) against Multi-level Marketing

In 1994 John M. Taylor joined network marketing and was one of the top 1% earners in that company. Though, He was the Top 1% Distributor of the company, He is also losing $1200 Monthly.

John was investing his money in a Network Marketing Company and be working hard to recruit new members also he did. But, in the end, When John completed his campaign and calculation, he saw that he never touch this achieved what was promised given by his Upline.


What percentage of network marketing companies fail?

MLM business plans typically have a failure rate of about 95%. Unfortunately, the percentage of people who succeed in Network Marketing or MLM is quite low.

What is the success rate of a Network Marketing or MLM?

The Success rate of a Network Marketing or MLM is 0.04%.

Why does Network Marketing have a low Success Rate?

There is no exact answer to your question. Every industry will go if the head of the industry is adopting the Digita Trend. But the problem is on individuals if they do not work hard, are late to adopt the new trends, serious about their work. They will be out of the Market either in the Network Marketing industry or any other industry.

So, Network Marketing Success Rate is 0.04%

So, The Network Marketing Success Rate is 0.04%. 99.6% of Direct sellers fail to earn maximum money.

I hope this article on Network Marketing Success Rate is helpful for you to determine what the Network marketer saying and What the researched and Real-life work doing. Maybe Those of you who are new to the MLM industry and working with confidence to achieve success have been hurt.

Now, I’d like to know from you:

How much do you earn from a Network Marketing Company? if you work in Network Marketing company.

And, What is your opinion?

Let Me know in the comment Right Now.

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  2. When a person is trapped ,he is persuaded to join his UPLINE senior member ‘S team to get a special type of BRAIN WASHING and continuous motivation, He is to pay the charges of such training to his UPLINE who is indirectly already benefitted of his business. Many of the Govt employees join such companies with the name of their wives, but the govt employees participate active part in such activities and programs devaluating their present job, sometimes ignoring their responsibility regarding Govt Job, sometimes the take benefit of their post and power and trap other subordinates,
    CBI must check such activities of such employees involved in such activities openly or secretly. It’s also an another type of corruption. GOD MAY SAVE HONEST AND INNOCENT PEOPLE FROM SUCH PERSUANCE AND GREEDINESS.

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