0.04% is Only Network Marketing Success Rate, MLM Company Ignore to Reply

Network Marketing Success Rate
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Many people search “Tips for Success in Network Marketing“, “Top MLM earner“, “Secrets to Success in Network Marketing?“, “Network Marketing Success Stories“, “Network Marketing Success Rate” and many more. 

But very few people actually know the success rate of network marketing or Multi-level Marketing, which is extremely low.

Jon M Taylor’s research that 99.96% of People Fail in Network Marketing, maybe you shocked after hearing it.

Even a gambler has a scope to get richer than a network marketer.

By the way, Many of you are wondering why I am saying John M. Taylor’s research?

When John was confused did his MLM company payout is so little? He began his own research.

He saw that the situation was the same in all the organizations around him. He was shocked and he continued his research.

He Published this book “The Case (for and) against Multi-level Marketing” after investing in 350 MLM Companies for 15 Years.

FTC promotes Jon M Taylor’s book “The Case (for and) against Multi-level Marketing” on their official website.

Mr. Jon M Taylor openly challenges 60+ heads of the MLM Companies to Prove them Wrong. But, the fun fact is, the challenge is not still solved. Because most of the companies were believed their word and they were never dared to respond in public.

99.96% of people get failed in Network Marketing

John M. Taylor has proven that 99.96% of people in network marketing are losing their money when it comes to buying overpriced products. Every Direct seller is force people to buy their products because, these products are high quality, and that is why it is overpriced.

But, the real truth is these Products are not so good as other Corporate Companies Products. For commission management, the product of the MLM Companies is overpriced.

Stay tuned, 0.04% of MLM successful people are at the top of the pyramid. In 0.04% most people joined the company in its early days. So the average person gets very little chance of success.

Jon compares the success rate of network marketing with other sources of income. And he found this number 0.04%.

SourceSuccess Rate
Wage Jobs100%
Legitimate Direct Selling80%
Small Business39%
Illegal Pyramid Schemes10%
Network Marketing/MLM0.4%

 Even illegal pyramid schemes have better success rates than legal product-based pyramid schemes called network marketing.

The Case (for and) against Multi-level Marketing

The Case (for and) against Multi-level Marketing is a book written by John M. Taylor (MBA, PhD).

John M. Taylor joined the network marketing industry in 1994 and was one of the top 1% earners in that company. But after becoming one of the top 1% earners, John is losing 1200 Doller monthly

John was investing his money in a one Network Marketing Company for making a campaign to recruit new people in a straight line. Jon’s campaign was successful, but he never achieved what he promised.

So, Network Marketing Success Rate is 0.04%

So, The Network Marketing Success Rate is 0.04%. 99.6% Direct sellers fail to earn maximum money.

I hope this post on Network Marketing Success Rate is helpful for you. Maybe Those of you who are new to the MLM industry and working with confidence to achieve success have been hurt.

You may not like this post, but I recommend everyone to read the book which is freely available on the internet, especially Chapter 7, to understand what is wrong with the MLM industry.

Now, I’d like to know from you:

How much you earn from a Network Marketing Company? if you work in Network Marketing company.

And, What is your opinion?

Let Me know in the comment Right Now.

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