Revital U Pays First Revenue Share to Distributors For Referral Joining (2021 Update)

Revital U Pays First Revenue Share To Distributors
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On May 1, 2021, Revital U launched a Program, called Daily Revenue Share (DRS) Program. In this Program, Revital U Pays First Revenue Share to their Distributer for joining an additional Customer and made its first payments this week.

When people join the company as a distributor by other Distributer Referral Link, they will eligible to participate in the company’s new Earning within their first 90 days.

Existing Distributors who refer multiple customers will also receive multiple shares that day.

Andrew McWilliams, CEO of Revital U says that “We want Revital U to become the most payable company on the planet, and this revolutionary revenue-sharing opportunity for our brand influencers is a way for us to share and compensate like never before!”

“Taken together, our objectives, Principle, and values are the foundation of Revital U’s unique culture. Since its inception, we have been committed to creating an organization that revolves around giving, our customers experience the benefits of our transformative products. This is the beginning of a better life. “

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