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safe shop Products list
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Safe Shop is an Indian Multi-level marketing Company that has the highest number of Direct Sellers after Smart Value. The Registered name of the company is Safe and Secure Online Marketing PVT LTD.

In Public, this company known as Safe Shop.

Safe Shop is growing rapidly and in a few years, its direct sellers will be found in every corner of the country. Many people are looking for a safe shop products list after GST and a safe shop products list with price info.

Maybe , you also looking for the list.

The Safe Shop products list is not too long, instead, they have a limited number of product packages. According to this, if a person wants to join Safe Shop, you have to buy a set of Products, called Package.

So, In this Post, I am going to share with you Latest Safe Shop Product Price List 2021.

Before seeing Safe Shop Products Price List , First, look at a Company Profile.

Company NameSafe and Secure Online Marketing Pvt. Ltd.
Year Started2001
DirectorHarish Sondhi
Head OfficeNew Delhi, India

Safe Shop Products List

1. Safe Shop Health/Beauty Product Price List

  • Turmeric Powder 200 GMS: Rs.87/-
  • Dhaniya Powder 200 GMS : Rs.135/-
  • Jeera 200 GMS: Rs.180/-
  • Lal Mirch 200GMS: Rs.103/-
  • Herbal Moisturizing Lotion 200ML: Rs.250/-
  • Kali Mirch 100 GMS: Rs.208/-
  • Herbal Facewash 200ML: Rs.250/-
  • Herbal Shampoo 200ML: Rs.301/-
  • Mott Elaichi100GMS: Rs.260/-
  • Herbal Fairness Cream 25GM: Rs.299/-
  • Body Massage Oil 200ML: Rs.350/-
  • Joint Pain Oil Pack of 1: Rs.353/-
  • Garam Masala 200GMS: Rs.355/-
  • Herbal Hair Tonic 200ML: Rs.750/-
  • Joint Pain Capsule Pack of 1: Rs.463/-
  • Green Coffee Pack of 1: Rs.860/-
  • Garcinia Camogia Pack of 1: Fts.496/-
  • Premium Tea 1KG: Rs.510/-
  • Diaba Care Pack of 1: Rs.845/-
  • Aloe vera With Kesar and Green Tea Pack of 1: Rs.1,542/-
  • Brain and Health Boos Pack of 1: Rs.827/-
  • Multy Dyte S2 Pack of 1: Rs.2,317/-
  • Kids Protein Pack of 1: Rs.1,599/-
  • Amla Tulsi Syrup Pack of 1: Fts.1,527/-
  • Noni Premium Pack of 1: Fts.1,653/-
  • Supreme Syrup Pack of 1: Rs.1,208/-
  • Meno Dyte Pack of 1: Rs.1,867/-
  • Protein-Rich Powder Pack of 1: Rs.1,930/-
  • Balance Nutrition Pack of 1: Rs.1,846/-
  • Him Capsules (120 Capsules): Rs.2,407/-
  • Joint Pain 100ML (PACK OF 6) : Rs.2,118/-
  • Shawl: Rs.2,215/-
  • Supreme Syrup 500ML(PACK OF 2) : Rs.2,416/-
  • Whey Protein Chocolate 1KG: Rs.3,700/-
  • Whey Protein Mango 1KG: Rs.3,700/-
  • Weight Gainer 1 KG PACK: Rs.3,400/-
  • Wellness Moringa Superfood Mix fruit and Mango PACK OF 12): Rs.2,100/-
  • Amla Tulsi Syrup 1 Litre (2): Rs.3,054/-
  • Garcinia Cambogia ( 4) : Fts.1,984/-
  • Noni Premium 1 Litre ( 2): Rs.3,306/-
  • Super Six: Fts.1,999/-

2. Safe Shop Fashion Product Price List

  • School Backpack With Laptop Sleeve: Rs.1,642/-
  • Duffle Bag Without Trolley: Rs.1,560/-
  • Boat Shoe: Rs.2,412/-
  • Penny Shoe: Rs.2,408/-
  • 1 Saree: Rs.2,999/-
  • Spicy Lady: Rs.3,084/-

3. Safe Shop Accessories Product Price List

  • Copper Bottom Handi Set (3+3): Rs.1,990/-
  • Double Wall Serving Bowl (SET OF 2): Rs.1,990/-
  • Belito Casserole Double Wall(3500 ML) : Rs.2,100/-
  • ALL (Colonel) – Belly: Rs.2,876/-
  • ALL (Colonel) – Sandal: Rs.2,876/-
  • Tiffin (3 CONTAINERS) : Rs.2,100/-
  • Menpause Dyte 500 gms (PACK OF 2) : Rs.3,734/-
  • Splash Water Dispenser Litre: Rs.2,250/-
  • 40 Pcs Dinner Set : Rs.6,240/-
  • Haa Cut Kadai (24 CM) : Rs.8,990/-
  • Rockline (1 Kadhai 24 Cm Frypan 24 cm Dosa Tawa 30cm) : Rs.5,878/-
  • 2 Grasim Suitength: Rs.11,000/-
  • 2 Vimal Suitlength : Rs.11,198/-
  • 3 Bed Sheets : Rs.9,597/-
  • Grasim Suit Length (1 pcs.) Lavanya Embroidered Saree (1 pcs.): Rs.8,499/-

4. Safe Shop Lifestyle Product Price List

  • European Canvas Backpack: Rs.2,401/-
  • Coldera 1 Kadhai 24cm and 1 Fry Pan 24cm : Rs.2,205/-
  • 1 Exclusive Shawl: Rs.2,863/-
  • Ladies purse + Tote + Sling Bag Multi-Pocket : Rs.3,897/-
  • Multiutility Laptop Backpack: Rs.3,064/-
  • Duffle Bag With Trolley: Rs.3,641/-
  • Laptop Backpack With Trolley: Rs.4,015/-
  • Overnighter Laptop Backpack: Rs.4,620/-
  • Rucksack Steel Reinforce Backpack : Rs.4,820/-
  • International Traveller Laptop Backpack: Rs.4,820/-
  • Duffle with Trolley Economy + Laptop: Rs.4,820/-

Safe Shop Package List for Joining

So Guys, In the upper, you can see the list of All Safe Shop Products. Now, am going to Provide with you the list of Safe Store Package. If you want to join Safe Shop to do a Multi-Level Marketing Business, you have to buy a Product Package.

Safe Shop package starting from Rs. 12000 to 30000.

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I hope this Blog Post was helpful for you and you got the Latest Safe Shop Product List Price.

Now, I’d like to know from you:

Do you already use any products of Safe Shop?

if Yes. What’s the Product?

Let me know in the Comment.

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