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We know, Noni Fruit is 🙂 nature gift fruit in humanity. The juice of Noni fruit very works full and 🙂 Powerful.

Also, Smart Value Noni juice is complete pure juice. 

But, there are many noni juices in market mixing with the chemical.

Therefore, we recommend you to Use Smart Value Nourish Noni Juice.

So let’s start,

Smart Value Noni juice and Nourish products are processed and prepared in Smart Value’s own manufacturing unit in Telangana.

Therefore, the traditional Noni juice lasts at least 2 months.

Smart Value modifies the Noni juice with other additives or diluted to improve its smoothness.

Process of making Smart Value Noni Juice 

Therefore, here is the step-by-step process of making Noni Juice.

 ➡ At first, Freshly picked riping Noni fruits to arrive in the processing unit from the garden. Noni fruits are whitish on color with tinges of green. This whitish small fruit contains more than 150 nutriceuticals. It performs like a magician in our body.

 ➡ After washing, Noni fruits spread in air to dry. Furthermore, a light-colored juice obtained from ripe fruit. Otherwise, it produces darker colored juice.

 ➡ Noni fruits are places into a juice collection vessel for 2 months or longer. The juice collection vessel should be either of glass, or stainless steel, or food-grade plastic. Initially, the juice appeared in golden colored that gradually darkness with age.

 ➡ Fresh air excludes from the containers. The contact between the juice and fresh air tries to be minimized during the whole process. The final Noni juice is blended, filtered, and bottled. Their pH is relatively low(approximately 3.5) lending a characteristically sour taste.

The next point is the extraction of efficiency.

But before started reading this Point, Watch this short Video.

CEO of Lifespan Interviews in History TV18

We know Smart Value Noni Juice made in Lifespan Pvt Ltd.

So, it is the interviews video of Mr. Narendra Ram Nambula(CEO of Lifespan) in History TV18 .

Extraction Efficiency of Noni Juice 

After this process of approximately 2 months, Noni juice separates naturally from the fruit. Then its pulp and filtered. The 100 pounds of fruit may yield about 40-50 pounds of juices.

The actual noni juice contains 90% water and 10% dry matter.

The dry matter contains

  • Soluble solids(5% reduced sugar, 1.3% sucrose glucose, and fructose)
  • fiber, proteins(11.3%)
  • 10-12% of minerals(calcium, sulfur, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus)

The main vitamin contains in Noni is ascorbic acid vitamin C.  

There is 250mg of 

  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin B 
  • Vitamin A

in 100g of fresh matter.

Light & Temperature Consideration:

High levels of light exposure to the juice and high temperature during juice processing may cause undesirable chemical reactions. 

But the Noni juice processes in regulated temperature and light.


There is two option to store the Noni juice either in clear glass or in clear plastic bottles. However,  the glass is heavier than plastic and more expensive than plastic. 

The fresh juice preserves for prior weeks or months for consumption.

Freshly squeezed noni juice has a sweeter fruitier flavor. But it is mixed with other juices. This mixture improves the palatability of the product.

By the way, you can say,

Hi Noni4all,

Let me know, What is the Taste of Noni Fruit?

Basically, if you say for the taste of Noni Fruit. There are 3 flavors during the processing of Noni Juice.

  1. Unripe time: Sticky Taste.
  2. Ripe time: Softer and the stickysour taste.
  3. Overripe time: In this stage, the taste and flavor are cross their limit that you can’t eat a single piece.

There are 3 types of Noni juice available in the Smart Value’s manufacturing unit.

 ➡ Smart Value Noni Gold

Smart Value Noni Kokum

Smart Value Noni Premium 


Smart value has brought the benefits of noni fruit blended with the goodness of tulsi and brazil nut

Smart Value Noni Gold

Nourish Noni gold Juice compiles extracts of noni fruit, herb tulsi, and brazil nut. This juice has not any chemical residues and toxins.


Nourish noni kokum plus prepares by morinda centifolia and the ayurvedic kokum fruit. 

smart value noni kokum

However, Smart value has blended the noni fruit with the goodness of Ayurveda through kokum fruit very carefully.


Smart Value gives us all the health benefits of the Noni fruit and also for Ashwagandha in Nourish noni premium plus.

smart value noni premium

Nourish noni premium plus is an excellent compilation of noni fruit and Ashwagandha.


Ashwagandha is familiar with traditional Indian ayurvedic medicine. The root of Ashwagandha is believed to have health benefits for various diseases.

Frequently Asked Question 

Why do I recommend Smart Value Noni Juice?

Smart Value Nourish Noni Juice is made from the pure extract of the fruit Morinda Citrifolia. Its have not any chemical residues and toxins. Basically, It processed with high care to maintain its Bio-activity and keep its active components intact. Also, This Juice of Smart Value has more health benefits for your body.

How Smart Value’s Noni Juice is made?

In the last article, I will show you Why you should use Smart value’s Noni Juice. And now, here I will discuss the full procedure of making Smart Value Noni Juice. So, Kindly read this full article.

Is Smart Value Noni Juice safe?

YES, Obviously, Nourish Noni juice from Smart Value is always safe. Everyone should use it.

Where Smart Value Nourish Noni Juice is Made?

In Telangana, Smart value products and service limited have their own manufacture unit, name Lifespan Pvt Ltd. Here, Noni juice is made with care.

Final Word 

In short, you know all of the Processing things of Noni fruit or Noni Juice.

However, Smart Value Product and Service limited (Complete Information) has its own manufacture unit to make this juice and all of Nourish Product

The name of the manufacturing unit is Lifespan Pvt Ltd (awarded by FORBES magazine). Here is the screenshot of the editor’s page.

Also, here I will show you the short information about these three types of Noni Juice.

I think you wanted to know more about this juice.

So Don’t worry guys, I write full of information about Smart Value Noni Juice in these categories.

Either way, let me know by leaving a comment below. 

Goodbye, my healthy friend.

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