The Happy Co. will Expansion into 21 Countries including the UK

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The Happy Co. is launching its nootropic functional beverage in 21 European countries across the United States.

Bo Short, CEO of Elevacity Holdings LLC & Elevacity International Holdings, LLC says, “This will be Happy Cong’s first introduction to the European market,”.

He also says, “We are taking advantage of the popularity and results of Happy Co. products with immediate effect in America to bring these products to other parts of the world. This is just the beginning of many new announcements on the market. “

The Happy Co. launch their products in these countries are;

 United Kingdom, Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic,Portugal,  Denmark, France, Germany, Sweden, Greece, Hungary, Spain, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Northern Ireland, Norway, Poland, Scotland, and Switzerland. 

Garrett McGraw, President of The Happy Congregation says, “As we continue to focus on expanding our organization internationally, we will continue to collaborate and thrive in exciting new markets across Europe. 

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