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Vestige Marketing Private Limited is another Indian Network Marketing Company In India. It started its Journey in 2004 and with small times, it listed its name in Top Network Marketing Companies in India.

In this post I will first show the Vestige Company basic details, then the Vestige Business Plan which is shown by the Button to Download Vestige Business Plan PDF.

By the way, Vestige newly captioned their Business Plan to Atmanirbhar Success Plan.

1. What is Vestige Pvt Ltd?

myVestige or Vestige Marketing Private Limited is a Multi-Level Marketing Company, started on 2nd June 2004. Vestige Continuously doing their business with one of the Toughest Competitor Smart Value in the Direct Selling Industry of India.

By the way, one of our articles shows the Difference between Vestige Noni vs Smart Value Noni and also shows the major Point of completion in a Product Category.

There are 8 Best Network Marketing plans available in India to Make Money Fast. Vestige has Chosen the 2nd Plan named, Generation Plan.

2. Vestige Company Profile

Company NameVestige Marketing Private Limited
Established Date2004
Founder and DirectorGautam Bali & Kanwar Bir Singh, Deepak Sood
ProductsHealth Care, Home Care, Agriculture, Personal Care
Head OfficeA-89, Okhla Industrial Area, New Delhi, India-110020

3. How to join Vestige?

Anyone can join Vestige, either he or she is Student, Teacher, Doctor, Engineer, or any Professionalism.

There is no restriction of Gender, Religion, Background, Qualification, age (Must be 18) to join.

If you are 18+, you can join any of the existing direct sellers. By using their sponsored ID you will be able to join their downline. However, it is advisable to join after understanding the benefits and issues of vestige business.

According to the Vestige Business Plan, you need to buy a minimum product of 1000 rupees of 30 PVs

It is advisable to follow Indian direct sales guidelines when working with any MLM company.

3. Vestige Marketing Plan

myvestige.com launched Vestige Atmanirbhar Success Plan including the official Vestige Business Plan. 

The PDF includes some important details about the business, such as:

  • Vestige director identity
  • Vestige Company Information
  • Vestige income way
  • PV, BV required for different income
  • How the system works.

If I and showing working with Vestige, after joining, the direct seller has to perform two major tasks. The total revenue of each direct seller depends on these two things.

1. Recruitment

To make more money from Network Marketing Industry or Vestige, the direct seller needs to add a new direct seller to its downline. When a person makes a purchase from the downline, the upline members also receive a commission on the basis of the Product.

Keep in Mind, Recruitment is a way to make passive income.

2. Product Selleing

If a person joins Vestige as an Associate Partner, he has to sell Vestige products. The Vestige product list includes personal care, home care, and agricultural products. On each sale, the direct seller makes a retail profit by settling.

The following formula can calculate retail profit.

Retail Profit = Product MRP – Commodity price for supplier

4. Vestige Incomes

1.Saving On Consumption
2.Accumulative Performance Bonus
3.Business Building Bonus
4.Team Building Fund
5.Bronze Director Bonus
6.Leadership Overriding Bonus
7.Car Fund 
8.House Fund 
9.Travel Fund
10.Elite Club Bonus 

5. Vestige Products

There are various categories of Vestige;

  • Health Wellness
  • Personal Care
  • Home Care
  • Electronics
  • Agriculture
  • Women’s and Men’s Care
  • Skin Care

Before working with Vestige, you have to buy any Category Products.

Products Catalogs are an important marketing tool, which can be used to promote products and increase sales.

Already, I published an article on the Vestige product price list that includes details of all products mentioned in the Vestige product catalog, including their PV, BV, and MRP.

6. Vestige Business Plan PDF Download

So, if you want to join Vestige, you need to see their Marketing Plan and Portfolio.

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7. Frequently Asked Questions

What is the value of 1 PV in Vestige?

Rs.33. When vestige associates purchase products, This buying is Calculate by Point Value. 1 Point Value (PV) is Rs.27-33. It depends on the level of achievement.

What is a vestige business plan?

Generation Plan

How do I join the vestige?

To start a Vestige Business, First, you have to buy any Products Package to become registered as Distributor or Associate, then you can start your business with the help of your Senior.

what is PV in Network Marketing?

In-Network Marketing Industry, PV means Point Value which calculates for each Product Commission.

Can I join Vestige?

Sure. You can join Vestige without any Big investment. You have to buy some Products and registered as a Distributor in Vestige.

8. Final Thought

I hope you like this article on Vestige Business Plan PDF able to download Vestige Success Plan PDF Version. 

Now, I’d like to know from you:

What is the main reason, you need to join Vestige?

Have any associate of Vestige share with you to see the Vestige Business Plan PDF?

Let me know in the comment.

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